Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Accomplishment

Hello my good fans:
You have not heard from me because I have been sick. But I am not today or in two days or in four days, and every other day after that, but for a while I will be sick tomorrow and in three days and in five days and in... you get the picture. But you will hear from me now... Drum roll please. *Drum roll*

I have an important announcement to make... I struggled long and hard to clear its screen (1 hour and 20 minutes):

That's the second time I've ever cleared it like that. I cheated a little, because it's a pocket Etch A Sketch, and the first time was on a bigger one. I probably could have gone almost 1 ½ times as fast if I had done it horizontally instead of vertically, but, you know, whatever... *Almost* because I have to do a longer writing-line-thingy because the screen is wider horizontally than vertically so I can't quite go as fast on the fast line but it's still almost as fast because the long line still goes way faster than the short line because the short line is about a quarter of a millimeter[...]


The Messers said...

That's impressive Jason!

from rakE

The Messers said...


The Messers said...


Jared said...

Sounds like fu-hun!

Anonymous said...


The Messers said...

Add something new already!

from raKe

Jason said...

Oh my... I'd forgotten all about this. I will post soon (unless I forget).

Jared Loucks -or- A Kitten said... said you would post something soon...three months ago!

I don't know if I can trust you any longer, Jason.