Saturday, April 4, 2009

New blog location

I've moved the blog to It would be a good idea to update your bookmarks or whatever. This blog will stay online but there will be no new posts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just released Bob's Burning House v0.1.0 today. It's a simple open-source text adventure game written in C. You can go to the Projects page to download. It's Windows-only with a Linux release coming soon (Hopefully I can add a Mac version someday).

EDIT: You can do a Google search for "Windows emulator for Mac" or something like that and you should be able to download the Windows version of BBH and run it on your Mac.

Saturday, February 21, 2009



1. What is your name?: Jason
2. A 4 letter word: Just
3. A boy's name: Jorge
4. A girl's name: Joanna
5. An occupation: Journalist
6. A color: Jet black
7. Something you wear: Jacket
8. A Food: Jalapeno pepper
9. Something found in the bathroom: Junk
10. A place: Japan
11. A reason for being late: Just didn't feel like it
12. Something you shout: JERK!!!!!111one
13. A movie title: Jumper
14. Something you drink: Juice
15. An animal: Jackal
16. A song title: Jesus Freak
17. A verb: Jot

Since Than tagged everybody whose blogs I read, I can't tag anyone else... :'(

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Website coming soon!!

I recently finished BBH v0.1.0 and am in the process of making a website for it and my future projects... :D There's not much on the website yet but I hope to add more stuff (such as a download link) as soon as I can. The website's address is:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Accomplishment

Hello my good fans:
You have not heard from me because I have been sick. But I am not today or in two days or in four days, and every other day after that, but for a while I will be sick tomorrow and in three days and in five days and in... you get the picture. But you will hear from me now... Drum roll please. *Drum roll*

I have an important announcement to make... I struggled long and hard to clear its screen (1 hour and 20 minutes):

That's the second time I've ever cleared it like that. I cheated a little, because it's a pocket Etch A Sketch, and the first time was on a bigger one. I probably could have gone almost 1 ½ times as fast if I had done it horizontally instead of vertically, but, you know, whatever... *Almost* because I have to do a longer writing-line-thingy because the screen is wider horizontally than vertically so I can't quite go as fast on the fast line but it's still almost as fast because the long line still goes way faster than the short line because the short line is about a quarter of a millimeter[...]

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bob's Burning House!! Progress

I've been working on BBH a lot more than usual, and I have the first pre-alpha version available for download. It's nothing special, just pretty much a test to see if all the features work. Have fun!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Normally, when crew finished, my afternoons would be too empty, and I would have nothing to do. But this is not normal. On a forum that I frequent frequently, someone posted an idea of his to work 1-2 hours a day on game development over the summer, and asked us all if we were interested. I was, so now my afternoons are not so empty! Now I can ramble ceaselessly *every single day* about my development escapades!